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Hair Restoration

At Etanda Skin Solutions, we perform hair restoration using your body's own ability to heal and regenerate itself. We use a system called the Eclipse, to get a concentrated dose of your own platelets, a kind of cell that is a natural source of growth factors. These platelets have been shown to prompt tissue to heal and regenerate itself, and this is why we use them in PRP skin rejuvenation.

When it comes to treating hair loss, platelets can stimulate inactive hair follicles into an active growth phase. As people age, hair follicles naturally slow production and slip into a state of dormancy. If those follicles are stimulated during this time, before they completely cease functioning, they can again produce thicker, fuller hair.


Benefits of PRP Therapy

PRP therapy is a great way to reverse hair loss, for a number of reasons:

• It's a natural solution for hair rejuvenation.

• There's no risk of allergy or infection, because your own plasma is used.

• It's an effective alternative to hair transplant surgery.

• It provides a convenient alternative to daily medication and topical creams.



Am I a good candidate for PRP hair rejuvenation?

PRP therapy is best for people who are in the early stages of hair loss. While it effectively stimulates declining hair follicles, it cannot reactivate completely inactive hair follicles.

What is recovery like after a PRP hair rejuvenation treatment? When can I wash my hair?

Your scalp may be red and tender after a treatment, possibly with slight bleeding at the injection sites. Because these sites heal rapidly, no restriction of activity is required. You may shower and wash your hair as early as the next the morning.

How many treatments will I need?

Because hair grows in cycles, patients typically have 3 treatments to account for declining follicles in each cycle, spaced a few months apart. Once you have reached your desired results, you may need treatment at least once a year to maintain your results.

Is it OK to use other hair restoration treatments along with PRP therapy?

Yes, PRP hair restoration therapy can be used safely in conjunction with other hair therapies, such as medications and DHT blockers.