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Our loyalty program work for you on two levels: First, you experience great savings of course and second, but equally important, you will be invested in over-all health. Regularly scheduled Vitamindrip® and deliver 100% of the fluid, electrolytes and vitamins directly into the bloodstream.


The Difference: Some Medspas require you to pay a substantial package fee upfront for discounts on services. In contrast, we allow you to pay monthly instead (with no sign up costs) so you don’t have to pay a large sum of money up front and you get to save on our other services.


How it Works: Make it custom! Choose your preferred Vitamindrip treatments (after a complimentary consultation) and the frequency of those treatments. For example, if you choose a Vitamin Drip valued at $175 on a monthly basis, your cost will be $150– save of $25. If you choose to have the Vitamin Drip twice a month, your monthly cost will be $125– saving of $50.


Additional Perks: Discounts on other services we offer such micro needling, Botulinum toxin, dermal fillers, PRP and Hair Restoration Packages.


The Terms: The loyalty program is a 12 month term. Your credit card on file will be charged monthly. Your term will be automatically renewed at the same rate unless you provide two weeks notice. If you miss a regularly scheduled appointment under the program, you will not forfeit that treatment, instead it will roll over to the next month, provided you give 24-hour notice for cancellation and your membership is in good standing. You may upgrade your membership at any time.